“Jumping Beans” - W.I.P

Genre: Turn-based Tactical Game
Platform & Control: PC, mouse
Engine & Tools: Unity 2018, Visual Studio
Development Time: W.I.P

This is a prototype project I’m working on in my free-time. I started working on this for a Unity course at FutureGames with the idea that I wanted to learn more about Pathfinding, Procedural Generation and Turn-based system. I first touched on these subjects during my previous education at Uppsala University and even though I understood the theoretical thinking behind these systems I didn’t understand the practical implementation.

So, I wanted to give it another try and decided to make a simple turn-based game with A* Pathfinding on both a designed level and randomly procedural generated levels.



Currently this TurnManager works automatically and loops through all units in a team before proceeding to the next team and so forth.

My plan for further expanding on this is implementing a player controlled turn manager and keep the automatic for the AI counterpart, but with a short delay between each AI unit for better readability.