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Hey, my name is David Eliasson. I'm a Level Designer & Scripter, currently studying at Future Games in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Iā€™m currently looking for an internship from January 2019 to August 2019.

In my work I emphasis on building level layouts, designing flow & navigation suitable for the level's aesthetics, level scripting, environmental storytelling, writing design pitches and documentations. As well ensuring all design documentation and game assets are well structured and clearly documented for easy access throughout the development team. As a Level Designer I strive to create those immersive traverse moments when players allow themselves to stop, enjoy, explore and wonder of the surrounding world and its history. 

To end on a more personal note I love all things cozy. Everything from candlelight, blankets, dimmed lights to comfortable cloths and warm beverages, especially if all these things combined within a professional work space. Because that's the feeling I want to have coming in to work and the feeling I want for all those I work with. Also, I tend to throw puns around, the worse the better in my opinion.  

If there is something you wonder feel free to contact me social networks or send me an e-mail!

Best Regards, David.